What’s Your Biggest Beauty Pet Peeve? We Asked the Experts


Beauty pet peeve

image: Imaxtree

We all have beauty pet peeves. Mine? I can’t stand bright blue eyeshadow. But imagine the folks who have to deal with beauty mistakes on a daily basis, like your hair stylist or esthetician—ever wonder what they think? Find out what these top experts have to say about their biggest beauty pet peeves.

Really Bad Hair (Or Hair Extensions)

“I hate when I see people who’ve curled their hair with a curling iron but haven’t combed it out, I think that looks so bad. Also, overly flatironed hair looks awful. I call it ‘tortured straight hair.’ It looks so artificial, like your hair is synthetic. Bad extensions that don’t match are really appalling too. Sometimes you see girls with short wavy hair, and then they’ll have thick, straight extensions hooked on and I’m like, who do you think you’re fooling?” – Celebrity Hairstylist Frank Galasso

Noticeable Makeup Lines

“My biggest beauty pet peeve is when someone applies foundation that stops at the jawline, and you can visibly see that there is nothing on the neck! My remedy for this is to first find the right blue or yellow base, then apply it to the face and smooth it down evenly onto the neck.” – Celebrity Makeup Artist and Creator of Oxygenetix, Barry Knapp

Glitter On Grown-Ups

“Companies that create makeup for anyone over the age of 30 should leave the mica and glitter out of the formulation. Even if it looks pretty in the store, in real life, women should not wear glitter (unless it’s Halloween or another costume occasion). If it promises a ‘glowing’ look, know that they’re usually referring to glitter. And you’re not 12.” – Melissa Picoli, Esthetician and Founder of BijaBody health + beauty

Foundation Faux Pas

My biggest pet peeve has to be what I call the foundation faux pas: a 
face that’s a lighter shade than the rest of the body! This problem is especially common going into summer, as women tend to use stronger SPF on the face and then go overboard with self-tanner on the body. Pay close attention to ensure the shade of your foundation is warmed and deepened to match the rest of your body so it looks like a natural progression of skin.” – Aussie Makeup Maestro Napoleon Perdis

Bangs You Trimmed On Your Own

“If you’re going to cut them yourself, don’t cut the hair so blunt. Point cut, or invest in texturizing scissors. We all know you’re going to trim them yourself at some point, so at least do it well enough that we have something to work with when we FINALLY do see you.” – Lee Rittiner, stylist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in LA

Messed Up Eyebrows

“As a Dermatologist, I often see patients who try to tweeze hairs that are not ready to be tweezed. You need about 1 mm of hair growth to be able to pull the hair out. If you have less than that, tweezing attempts are often disastrous and lead to skin damage, scabbing, and scarring. The mess you can make is much worse that waiting the extra few weeks for the hair to grow in so it can be tweezed properly.” – Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in the Department of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are so unattractive and can literally age your appearance 5-10 years! With today’s advances in cosmetic dentistry, missing teeth can be replaced in just a week with bridges, single tooth dentures that don’t have metal hooks or the Snap-on Smile appliance that can give you a completely new smile like today’s Hollywood A-list stars!” – Dr. Catrise Austin, Celebrity Dentist, Owner of VIP Smiles in NYC and Author of “5 Steps to the Hollywood A-list Smile”

Over-Plucked Brows

Over-plucked eyebrows are a very common beauty blunder and a big no-no in the beauty arena. Thick eyebrows are equivalent to a beautiful frame. When they’re done right, they’ll naturally enhance facial features. However, when they’re thin and barely noticeable, your face looks incomplete. Eyebrows need to be thick on the inside and slowly tapper out. Arches need to follow the shape of the pupil when looking straight. The best eyebrows are thick, but still well groomed.” – Megan Franks, Esthetician and Operations Manager at Paradise Skin Products