I Confess: Losing Eyelashes

There’s a reason I don’t wear fake nails, or extensions, or vajazzle jewels (aside from the obvious); I am always fidgeting. I once had a very cool, very detailed manicure complete with studs down my nails and by the time I went to bed that same day, I had absently picked off three of the gems. I’m better now than I once was, and regularly wear things like individual lashes, but when I was younger I couldn’t think of anything worse than fake lashes. When the lash extension craze came, I jumped at the chance to lift my averagely long/curly lashes to long fluttery strands. My first set was poorly applied and therefore had disastrous results. Once the lashes were set, I was in love with them. I couldn’t stop touching them and fluttering them and looking at myself in the mirror. Then I started rubbing, and playing, and pulling. After three weeks, when the remaining lashes fell out on their own, I was left with gaping holes in my lash line. This was made even more evident by mascara, so I was left trying to fill them in on my own.

Much ado was recently made over Olivia Munn’s trichotillomania and her constant need for false lashes. Natural looking false lashes helped me for special occasions but I didn’t want to have to wear them every day.  I relied on statement liner and tight lining. Many women are too scared to line the upper waterline but it saved me because it gave the appearance of lashes where there were none. With statement liner like a kitten flick, big lashes can often take away from the look so it worked out in my favor.

Now, I’d like to put a disclaimer out there and say that I’ve successfully had lash extensions since this story and have never had a problem. My advice would be to always go somewhere that comes highly recommended. But if you’re a lash-puller, like me, or if they just fall out when you’re stressed, don’t worry, they grow back — and in the meantime, just be creative. 

image: Getty