Oil Slick Lips, the Mesmerizing New Beauty Trend Inspired by Pollution

Of all things, oil spills inspired the latest buzzy makeup trend. We’re sure there are better sources of inspiration in nature (like sunsets and rainbows) than an environmental hazard that harms wildlife and their habitat. But alas, fans love how shiny it looks on their lips.

To mirror petroleum’s slippery surface, lip art enthusiasts are applying a black lipstick base and layering iridescent color on top. The result is the perfect mix of goth and glamour: dark lips with a colorful, high-shine finish.

If glossy oil slick lips just aren’t your thing, you can go for a matte version of the trend that’s low on shine but heavy on pigmentation.

And for an eye-catching look without the gothic vibe, you can coat your lips in holographic color until the dark base is completely covered. Then, layer on the gloss. 

The final product is actually mesmerizing — even if it is inspired by pollution. 

[via The Daily Mail]