This Is the First Thing Derms Notice About Your Skin

Love, hate it, believe it or leave it: you can’t disguise much about your skin. While your mom will be the first to raise an eyebrow when you have a sunburn and your sibling will jokingly point out an untimely zit on your chin, dermatologists have similar reactions but for a different purpose. They don’t just notice pinkish skin, they can tell how often you’ve applied that recommended daily SPF 30. They don’t see a random pimple — but they do see if you’ve picked at a slew of outbreaks for months or years. It’s their job to be hypercritical and detail-oriented when examining your pores so they can provide the best treatment and advice to ensure your skin radiates. Here, top-tier dermatologists reveal what they first detect on your face from the moment you walk into their office.

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