Fresh Metallic Makeup for Cool Sophistication

Metallic makeup is like glitter’s cool older sister. She’s sophisticated, but she came to party. She has a distinct point of view, but she isn’t vying for the center of attention. Basically, metallic makeup is the cool girl we all aspire to be. And though your favorite beauty bloggers have been sporting it for years, we’re not sick of it yet. In fact, you can see it in every runway and celebrity makeup look. It’s no wonder so many new metallic makeup products are still being released.

Even if you’re not a fan of all that glitters and shimmers, you can still incorporate metallic makeup into your everyday look. Using a killer highlighter will give your cheeks and nose bridge that natural yet alluring glow. A stunning metallic eyeshadow can transform your day makeup into a look that can party all night.

If you’re lost on where to find the best metallic makeup out there, don’t fret. Read on to see some of our favorite metallic makeup for your face, eyes and lips.

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