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The Jury’s Still Out on Emma Watson’s June/July W Cover (Forum Buzz)


When a child actor grows up before our eyes it’s often difficult to reconcile with the fact that they’ve finally, officially entered adulthood. Emma Watson came into our lives as Hermione Granger, and now she’s a member of The Bling Ring who’s landed her first W cover (photographed by Michael Thompson). Forum members are decidedly split on whether this W cover and editorial are a good thing.


"I'm not feeling this at all… she looks like a kid playing dress up," HeatherAnne posted.

Nymphaea wrote, "She looks like a porcelain doll. Don't like it very much."

"Emma will always be Teen Vogue level to me," Cold laughed.

YourMonster, in contrast, was fully on board. "Some people just sound plain jealous," he remarked. "I think she’s beautiful. The cover is beautiful. Editorial is beautiful."

Miguelalmeida was also a fan. "Beautiful!" he exclaimed. "Emma looks very poised and very luxurious. Sublime cover and editorial!"

The forums may be split, but I know where I stand. As much as I like Emma in movies (she makes The Bling Ring look kind of awesome), something about her charm gets lost in translation when she tries to do high fashion. It always seems a bit forced. Not every actress has to fit into that high fashion mold. Can’t she just be a pretty girl-next-door type?