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Alexander Wang to Take the Reins at Balenciaga! (Forum Buzz)

Alexander WangThough many forum members seem less than thrilled with this announcement, it seems that New York based fashion designer Alexander Wang will be taking the reins at Balenciaga. It was announced earlier this month that Nicolas Ghesquière, who has been serving as Balenciaga’s creative director since 1997, would end his working relationship with the brand on November 30 (as in, today).

Wang has been one of the darlings of New York fashion since he emerged on the scene. The chic urban cool-girl vibe of his clothes has had women everywhere clamoring for his apparel and ever-expanding selection of accessories. Despite his popularity and commercial success, a lot of forum members don't see his appeal.

“I don’t get at all how could anyone think that Wang, based on what he has shown in his work so far, could handle a house like Balenciaga?! Just doesn’t make sense,” Miss Dalloway posted.

Lemeray wrote, “Wang is so wrong for Balenciaga. He's definitely not versatile enough for Paris.”

Psylocke shared a more optimistic point of view: “I'm actually quite excited about the news. Like everyone else I'm very skeptical about this working out in the long run, but I'm definitely excited to see what Wang can do at a big fashion house like Balenciaga. I think although many of us find him extremely overrated, one cannot deny he has managed to create buzz and trends and make his shows one of the highlights of NYFW for much longer than anyone would have guessed. He can put on a spectacle, keep us interested in his brand and design wearable and very saleable collections, therefore I can see why a company like PPR trusts him to be a good choice for Balenciaga. Is he versatile or skilled enough for this job?” she continued. “Probably not, but I hope the team around him will do something about that. I really don't think he's the worst choice,” she concluded.

Despite his wunderkind status in the States, Wang has some huge shoes to fill and this is a major coup for him. Can he handle it though? The Alexander Wang brand is growing at a rapid rate and leading the team at Balenciaga is a huge job to take on. Let’s hope this doesn’t lead to another case of fashion designer burnout followed by complete meltdown.

image: IMAXtree