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Lana Del Rey Covers Numéro Tokyo (Forum Buzz)

Numéro Japan March 2013 - Lana del Rey photographed by Mariano Vivanco

For what seemed like a good long portion of 2012 (as in, all of it), it felt like everywhere we looked, there was Lana del Rey. She graced magazine cover after magazine cover, and put out one epic music video (or music mini-film, if you will) after the other, making us love her, hate her, and at some points, love to hate her. If this Numéro Tokyo cover is any indication, that pattern will continue in 2013 (hooray!). Lana and her now-signature talons appear on the March 2013 cover in a photo by Mariano Vivanco, and of course, forum members had plenty of conflicting things to say about it.

“I love it! It’s like Snow White meets Lolita,” Rigida commented.

“I'm always happy to see Lana on a cover, and the concept and colors are good,” *ana* began, “but I hate the light pink lipstick, and yes, she looks lifeless, like she's been in that pose for hours waiting for the right click. Hopefully the editorial will do justice to the idea,” she concluded.

Urban Stylin posted, “Hate it… Looks like a movie poster for a D budget 1970s horror flick.”

Yes, there’s something almost formulaic to all of Lana del Rey’s photo shoot images, but I have to admit, I find that kind of reassuring. She’s found a signature look and a signature style that’s working for her, so why mess with it? I’m looking forward to another year of not-so-secretly (but probably reluctantly) loving this girl.