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Margot Robbie’s Sleepy UK Harper’s Bazaar Cover Has Us Confused (Forum Buzz)

Our forums sure move fast! It’s not even March and we’re already discussing the April covers. The latest to drop is the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar featuring Margot RobbieDavid Slijper captures the Australian actress in the studio, wearing a dreamy Stella McCartney creation. Is it just us, or does it look like Margot just #wokeuplikethis?

UK Harper's Bazaar April 2015 Margot Robbie


Our forum members sure think so. “Mid stretch pose,” slammed ThatGuyPaul soon after the cover surfaced.

“The color scheme.. nope. The pose.. nope. The sleepy facial expression.. nope. ‘It’s Balmain Baby… The Man Who Dresses Kim, Kanye & Kendall’ – haha, how tacky and cheesy can that tagline be,” added MON.

GIVENCHYlover voiced simply, “I feel nothing.” Is the cover really that bad?

Also not showing support for Bazaar‘s efforts this month was tigerrouge: “Absolute rubbish, considering what a beauty she is. I’d rather have had a cheesy pose where she swirls the floaty clothing around her, than this. What’s with the arms and legs? Am I about to see more than her armpits? Is there going to be an unfortunate breeze? Save it for that scene with Leo,” she commented.

Miss Dalloway sure wasn’t ecstatic, either: “This does nothing for me, she is one of those breathtakingly beautiful women on screen, yet in print it somehow does not translate. Similar to Kerry, imo.”

“Yeah, good call. The weird thing is she has a very 80s model type beauty, but her pictures are always a bit blah. I do enjoy her interviews though,” replied HeatherAnne in agreement.

Has the magazine missed an opportunity? SallyAlbright sure thought so when declaring, “Both her Marie Claire and Vogue Australia covers were better than this. How do you screw up a picture of such a beautiful girl?”

Here’s hoping Bazaar redeems itself with Margot’s cover story. Join the discussion here.