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A Radiant Robin Wright Makes the Cover of Vanity Fair’s April Issue (Forum Buzz)

Robin Wright, giving us major Charlize Theron J’adore commercial vibes, is the newest celebrity to star on the cover of Vanity Fair. The 48-year-old House of Cards actress appears effortless and radiant on the newly-released April issue, lensed by Patrick Demarchelier

Vanity Fair April 2015 Robin Wright Patrick Demarchelier


Forum members were quick to descend on the thread and share their opinions. “A nice clean image almost ruined by all the text. Nonetheless, I still like it. I’ll take Patrick over Testino any day,” declared A.D.C.

“Wow! What a wonderful surprise and truly refreshing cover choice! Robin Wright has always been a fantastic actress — and despite having an entirely tabloid-worthy life, she has done everything in her power to maintain as much of her privacy as possible. Much respect for her. As a huge House of Cards fan, I am positively thrilled to see this. She is, truly, nothing short of magnificent on that series. Such depth and mystery and emotion. Superb acting. Very very deserving cover,” added an elated happycanadian.

MON was also quick to show support: “Fantastic! This makes me so happy because a beautiful woman is well represented and her beauty is not tampered beyond recognition. This is what you get when you utilize Demarchelier [rather] than Testino. This feels like the Rosamund cover but is so much better. This feels so inspired and I might actually buy this.”

“I’m so glad they didn’t Photoshop her to death. She’s a stunning woman and a wonderful actress and I’m glad she’s on the cover. Considering the success of House of Cards and how amazing she’s in it you’d think she’d have more exposure,” shared mistress_f.

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