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ELLE UK’s January Cover with Lupita Nyong’o Is a ‘Waste of a Beautiful Girl’ (Forum Buzz)

It’s pretty fair to say that the British edition of ELLE failed to impress across the board for the majority of 2015. But the magazine commences 2016 with some diversity, which we cannot overlook, enlisting actress Lupita Nyong’o as its January cover subject. Unlike December, the team took the cover shoot outdoors with photographer Kai Z Feng opting to photograph the Star Wars beauty perched on the sidewalk wearing a loud Louis Vuitton dress.

UK Elle January 2016 : Lupita Nyong'o by Kai F Zeng


Unfortunately, a nice cover shot doesn’t always cut it. “I don’t like it all. The print, the text, the colors, the hair, the expression. Everything is wrong. I love her but no,” hailed an unimpressed MON seconds after the cover dropped.

“Yikes. What a waste of a beautiful girl. It’s so busy!” voiced honeycombchild.

Also quick to critique ELLE‘s art direction was tigerrouge: “The design of this magazine is a mess. It’s literally a mess, in terms of that cover, but mostly, I mean that the page layout is usually more like a sight test than a pleasure to read, because of the microscopic nature of the font sizes, and the way they’re crammed into the space available, in the name of modern design.”

In agreement over how dreadful the cover turned out was narcyza: “I didn’t recognize her. What an awful cover. She is so beautiful but this cover doesn’t show it.”

Emmanuelle agreed, echoing, “Her face looks amazing as always, but the cover doesn’t really work, too messy.”

“I’m sorry, but this is an awful start for British ELLE. On paper I cannot fault it because I’m quite fond of both Lupita and Kai, but this is just too busy. Also, it’s about time magazines start thinking out of the box with Lupita,” added an unsatisfied Benn98.

Ouch! Are you a fan of Lupita’s new cover? Take in some previews and let us know here.