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Overexposure Alert: Cate Blanchett Lands Yet Another Magazine Cover (Forum Buzz)

You’d think magazines would kick-start 2016 by giving us something new and exciting to deliberate over. Unfortunately, the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar insists on delivering the same old subjects, ushering in Cate Blanchett once again to help shift copies of the February issue. Cate has done her fair share of rounds on some of our favorite fashion monthlies lately, fronting Vogue Australia and W magazine. This time around, the Aussie actress was captured wearing a stunning Erdem and Giorgio Armani outfit by photographer Norman Jean Roy.

UK Harper's Bazaar February 2016 : Cate Blanchett by Norman Jean Roy


Within seconds of the cover dropping, our forums failed to show enthusiasm. “I am beyond tired of this woman. Please let us miss you Cate!!!!” A.D.C. exclaimed in frustration.

“Love Cate and think she’s an excellent actress, but to me she falls under the ‘same old, same old’ cover stars category that we see constantly throughout every year,” Handbag Queen chimed in, echoing the same sentiments.

In the same frame of mind was gazebo: “As much as I adore her, and because I adore her so much, she absolutely needs to take a good 6 month break from being on and in magazines. She needs to be much more exclusive and picky in her print presence, cause it does feel like she’s overexposed and it does get boring and stale.”

“Cate really must consider a break. For every film of hers, she doesn’t book anything less than 3 covers. This is overmuch and an actress of her calibre doesn’t need to be this overexposed. She can very well take a leaf out of Nicole Kidman’s book,” advised Benn98.

MON wasn’t exactly jumping up and down either, complaining, “This looks dated. This feels like a 2007 cover.” Ouch!

The claws are out. Does Cate’s new cover sell Bazaar‘s February issue to you? Share your opinion here.