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Lupita Nyong’o Proves She Can’t Take a Bad Photo on the Latest InStyle (Forum Buzz)

InStyle has been killing it on the diversity front lately, bestowing upon us a joyful cover featuring Viola Davis and now two months later, giving us none other than Lupita Nyong’o for April. Our forums have welcomed the actress with open arms after Shailene Woodley ultimately failed to bring it last month. The Mexican-Kenyan beauty looks regal, elegant and effortless (per usual) wearing Proenza Schouler before the lens of Thomas Whiteside.

US InStyle April 2016 : Lupita Nyong'o by Thomas Whiteside


Members of our forums were quick to generate discussion. “What a gorgeous cover! Love the colors!” shared Handbag Queen, showing great appreciation straight away.

“Lupita is truly stunning. Every cover she’s on, she looks amazing. Doesn’t take a bad photo,” commended RanThe.

Sharing the same attitude toward the cover was nataliaapple, echoing, “She really doesn’t take a bad photo indeed.”

Not everyone was so quick to show their support, however. “Isn’t it too early to be calling her a ‘Fashion Icon?!’ Couldn’t they have gone with ‘style star’ or something?” questioned an uncertain A.D.C.

Benn98 wasn’t having any of it and soon fired back: “No, it’s not. Her and Rihanna’s style sense are as polarising as that of Sienna [Miller], Nicole Richie, Mischa [Barton], and the Olsen twins during the previous decade. And they were constantly forced down our throats as ‘style icons.’ I suppose it’s nice to see fashion magazines play fair. InStyle‘s readers will lap this up. The cover looks great, especially that shade of green. InStyle seems to be getting better, and I’ve finally got used to the new layout and masthead.”

“My goodness this is a gorgeous cover. Wow. She actually made the new InStyle layout look good. Stunning,” declared a more than satisfied MON.

Await Lupita’s accompanying cover story, which is sure to be an instant hit, and join the conversation here.