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Binx Walton Stars on Vogue Japan’s Quirky Cover for June 2016 (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Japan served up a powerful and captivating cover of Natasha Poly last month, yet for June 2016 (yes, really, June already) the magazine takes a different direction with an overstyled Binx Walton. In a somewhat comical cover shot by Japanese Vogue regular Giampaolo Sgur and styled by Anna Dello Russo, Binx is drenched in Chanel looking like a fashionable cartoon character.

Vogue Japan June 2016 : Binx Walton by Giampaolo Sgura


Surprisingly, the cover left our forum members with divided opinions. “Were they inspired by Didi Pickles with that hair? Oh my childhood,” proclaimed a horrified MON straight away.

“What is going on with her hair? Did they put her in a wind tunnel prior to the shoot? I can’t,” laughed AnaD.

“What an eyesore! It’s so, so, so messy,” declared a stunned Creative.

Also shocked at how bad the cover turned out was justaguy, adding, “This cover cracks me up. Looks like something Seventeen magazine would have shot in 1970!”

For others, the cover became an instant hit. “I quite like this. I think they nailed what I assume they were going for,” reasoned arlekindearrabal, who actually took a shine toward the cover.

“Not really a Giampaolo fan but I really like this cover, Binx delivers the fun,” raved TeeVanity.

“Ha, this is fun, I like it,” Miss Dalloway championed.

Forum member jeffandtheworld was a fan too, admiring, “Love this. It reminds me of Vogue Japan in the late 2000s.”

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