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Mobama Sends Nation Powerful Political Message: That Her Dress Is Really Cute

Let's just get one thing out of the way: since Michelle Obama knows that her every satorial decision will be scrutinized more than an irritated pore in a magnifying mirror (particularly this late in the election cycle), she pretty surely did not accidentally wear the same dress twice. 

Last night, at the third and final presidential debate, your first and best lady wore the same Thom Browne dress she wore at Barack Obama's Democratic National Convention speech in September.

If you think Mobama was suggesting that frugality is prudent (and could even be chic) during these trying financial times, get over yourself. Michelle Obama is just trying to rub it in that her Thom Brown grey lace overlay dress is really, really cute — even when it's marred by an ug-tastic glittery butterfly brooch — and she looks really, really good in it. No wonder the President likes her so much.

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