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Kate Upton to Play Herself, an “Object of Desire” in a Super Bowl Ad

Kate Upton was born to be in a Super Bowl commercial: she is so bright and shiny, vaguely tomboyish but still extremely feminine and blond. Her hair bounces. She looks like she really, really likes puppies. I will not discuss her bosom, except to say that it's the center of a lot of attention (for the record, breasts are not a particularly neglected female body part even on an average day, but their appeal still somehow manages to spike on Super Bowl Sunday). 

Within the past year, Upton's been on the cover of both Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Vogue Italia, making her practically (and I think probably) the only model working today who's booking top tier commercial jobs while also steadily growing her high fashion career. Now, she's adding on a new accomplishment to her list of accomplishments: this weekend, the model filmed a Super Bowl commercial for Mercedes-Benz. Usher is also going to be in the ad, because apparently it became the 90s again while you were sleeping. 

According to The New York Post, the ad is "a tongue-in-cheek depiction of how far a person might — or might not — go to get their heart’s desire.” I expect it will also be about how great it is to drive a Mercedes, one of the spot's two objects of desire. The other one? Duh, Upton. She won't be behind the wheel (real women don't drive. Actually, I can't drive, but at least I'm embarassed about it), but I bet she'll look pretty. Because that's her job. 

Image via WENN