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Roxanne Nikki Blasts Vancouver with an Exclusive Pop Up Boutique

With gale force strength, iconic Canadian brand Roxanne Nikki is back with a blast to titillate the city with an exclusive Vancouver pop up boutique featuring the Fall 2012 womenswear and menswear collections.

The Roxanne Nikki woman struts in statement coats and jackets that marry effortlessly with avant-garde takes on the little black dress, slim pants, one-piece show-stoppers, and pencil, circle, and wrap skirts. All are multi-functional and many are reversible.

For men, high fashion meets heroism to emanate a futuristic feel. His style embodies a vintage heart in a future world. Mix-and-match signatures include single-breasted jackets and coats with zippers and distinctive draped collars in unexpected fabrications. Quilted leathers and zip gussets add clever attention to detail. Pants range from super slim to bias cuts and future retro militant silhouettes dominate tunics and shirts for this collection’s chic yet masculine looks.

Innovative materials, textures, and luxury are tantamount to the label’s blend of rich faux furs and leathers balanced by sumptuously urbane wool, all made-to-order from exclusive textile mills in Europe.

"The inspiration for this collection resonates with my constant desire for originality, luxury, and super chic modernity. I design for modern men and women who are not afraid to make a statement and embrace their identity as an individual. So every piece I create must have personality, be coveted, and be multi-faceted," says Nikki. 

Nikki, a Winnipeg native, sold her first collection in 1994 before relocating her fashion business from Montreal to Vancouver. Her instincts and passion served her well, garnering the designer national awards and international recognition as one of Canada's top talents. These days, the brand has a stand-out quality that has the stars taking note. The Roxanne Nikki collection has been worn by celebrities such as Carmen Electra, Bai Ling, Christina Milian, Kate Linder, Stacy Francis, Kristanna Lokan, Divine Brown, DJ Photek, and Jesse McCartney. The star following is a statement of her success and now she wants to share her talent with Vancouver. 

The Roxanne Nikkki pop up boutique shop featuring the designer’s modern and edgy collections for women and men is on the second floor of the International Village (88 West Pender). The chic shopping destination is open from 12-7 p.m. on December 6-7, and 12-5 p.m. on December 8-9.