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Worth Fighting for? New Anya Hindmarch Ad Shamelessly Uses Solange-Jay Z Drama to Promote Clutch

Whether you are among the many that have found the Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z apparent Met Gala attack shocking or hilarious, one thing for sure is that you have watched the video and seen Solange hurling her Anya Hindmarch clutch bag at her sister Beyonce's husband.

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Solange Knowles looking happy as she enters the Met Gala Ball with her Anya clutch (Image: Getty)

Proving that there's no such thing as bad press, Anya Hindmarch has turned the buzz-worthy situation into a fantastic product advertisment:


Anya’s new advertising strategy in honour of Solange (Image: Instagram @anyahindmarch)

The handbag designer has put an entertaining spin on the argument-gone-viral in a new press release calling the Crisp Packet Clutch "worth fighting for."

The Anya crisp bag design in gold, which retails for £995, was of course the one carried by Ms. Knowles on May 5, which ultimately doubled as a rather handy Jay- Z fighting device later that evening.

While there is obviously no fear of British stalwart brand Anya Hindmarch condoning the use of handbags in violence, you have to admire the brand's racy marketing opportunity, now that its delicious gold clutch is having its moment of tabloid limelight. Whether you think it's shameless or not, you have to admit it is a pretty funny response to the incident.