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Would You Watch a TV Show About Fashion Bloggers?

Fashion Bloggers TV Show

Photos: Instagram

Fashion bloggers really are all the rage right now, and now they’ve been handed their very own half-hour reality TV show. The Style Network is tapping our top Australian social media queens, going behind-the-scenes of their wonderful and in-demand lives.

We’re hoping the show will answer all our fashion blogging related questions, like how they make money from this career, whether or not their clothes are freebies and who the debatably lucky person is taking all their glamourous shots.

With the likes of Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley, Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox, Kate Waterhouse of Kate Waterhouse, Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three and Zanita Whittington of Zanita all gracing our TV screens once a week, we’re preparing ourselves for an extreme fashion blogger takeover. Because clogging our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds just simply wasn’t enough.

“This series shows exactly why Fashion Bloggers are the new tastemakers of fashion and lifestyle,” executive producer of the upcoming show, Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz told Nelbie. “They don’t just report on the trends, they help shape them.”

The documentary-style series will be fittingly called Fashion Bloggers and begins filming next month, just in time for us to see the girls in action at New York Fashion Week. The show launches on an unconfirmed date later in the year, airing on Fetch and Foxtel.