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Troye Sivan Feared His Sexuality Might Derail His Path to Success

Troye Sivan

Photos: YouTube

Troye Sivan has had a freakin’ spectacular year, releasing his first first album and bonding with Taylor Swift among many other achievements, but the Perth-born talent has been dreaming about these moments since, well, as long as he can remember, and was even worried that his sexuality may cause hiccups in his path to success.

“It might seem like it’s all happening so quickly, and it is, but this is what I’ve wanted since I was three,” Troye explained to Allison Langdon on 60 Minutes last night, rehashing on everything from his Telathon performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in 2006 to posting YouTube videos at the ripe age of 12. “For me personally I just knew, and have always known, exactly what I wanted to do.”

While he’s dreamt of the success he has now for a long time, Troye admitted that he was worried his sexuality might derail his goals. “I didn’t know how it was going to go down,” Troye explained of his “coming out” YouTube video, explaining that a lot of his followers were girls and he thought his news might affect that. “I could potentially lose a lot if the world wasn’t ready for me to be an openly gay singer,” he continued. 

His doubts were debunked after he realised his sexuality “didn’t change a thing” and received praise from people all over the world. Now a public advocate for marriage equality, thanks to his “Blue Neighbourhood” music video series highlighting the pressures same-sex couples face, Troye, like a lot of Australia, is embarrassed that we haven’t stepped our game up and legalised same-sex marriage.

“It’s so embarrassing, I think, for Australia,” he explained of the current laws down under. “Look at any other forward-thinking nation in the world right now and we really are one of the last to catch on.”

Troye does feel lucky that people before him have worked so hard for the LGBTIQ community to be themselves, though, saying of same-sex marriage laws, “I have 100 per cent faith that it will change soon, but for right now, it sucks.” He continued, “I’m just glad that I’m not a 90-year-old with my partner of 60 years that we can’t get married. My time, hopefully, isn’t running out. But there are others whose time is running out and it’s… appalling.”

We hope you’re listening, Australian government.

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