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The Ghostbusters Girls Are Totally Creeping on Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth 2015

Photo: WENN

Australians have been aware of Chris Hemsworth’s good looks and charm since his Summer Bay days, but Hollywood has really been catching on to his holy hotness lately. His fellow Ghostbusters colleagues, which include Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, prove just that, with a few of his cast mates and crew commenting and creeping on his overall attractiveness in a recent interview with News Corp.

Because Chris’ role will see him making the four leading ladies coffee and taking their calls as the new generation Ghostbusters receptionist, he works for them. His first call of order as secretary? “Just stand there and not speak and just let us keep looking and looking until we’ve had our fill,” Kate said.

“Until someone from Human Resources tells us to stop,” Melissa added, while Leslie implied all the dirt-ay thoughts by revealing “I can’t say what I’m going to say (to him).”

We don’t blame the cast for loving them some Hemsworth. But it’s not just the Thor actor’s good looks that are melting hearts, with writer-director Paul Feig loving Chris’ humour and creativity throughout the production as well.

 “We’ve just had so much fun figuring out his character and he’s a really funny man,” Paul said. “Chris’s ideas were great and it’s going to be really fun showing him off in this way; he’s a real comedy star.”

While most of Chris’ character is still under wraps for now, Paul revealed that he has “let him be Australian in this movie”. There appears to be an all-round gratitude for Chris’ roots within the cast and crew, with Kate telling down under, “Thank you for making him.”

You’re so welcome, Kate. Be gentle.

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