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Watch: Beyoncé Joins Channing Tatum for an Epic ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Whether you were Team Channing or Team Jenna last night, you have to admit the biggest win of all was having Beyoncé appear on Lip Sync Battle as a surprise guest. The superstar strutted onto the stage during Channing Tatum’s performance of “Run The World: Girls” to thunderous applause. As if that wasn’t grand enough, there was a magical moment when Channing and Beyonce took turns whipping their hair back and forth at each other. Channing got so excited he jumped up and down flailing his arms, proving that Beyonce can even turn a hunky actor into a starstruck fan.

The all-Tatum episode was full of exciting moments like Jenna writhing around stage and giving Channing a lapdance to Ginuwine’s Pony. She expertly channeled her husband’s character in Magic Mike even down to his famous abs (she had a six-pack painted on her stomach). Jenna let host LL Cool J know such lap dances are a regular occurrence in the Tatum household. Host Chrissy Teigen laughed hysterically as Channing twirled under fake snow to Let It Go from Frozen, winning the award for the most muscular Elsa of all time. Their lip sync performances were both so epic the show ultimately didn’t declare a winner. 

Needless to say, we’ll be watching these videos on repeat all day long — and secretly hoping Beyoncé finds a spot for Channing on her next world tour. Watch a recap of last night’s hilarious episode of Lip Sync Battle above.