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ICYMI: Watch SNL’s Hilarious Disaster Spoof ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’

Leave it to Saturday Night Live to call out the ludicrous antics of Beyoncé critics. The backlash following her Formation video release and Super Bowl performance reached a fever pitch with rumors of an anti-Beyoncé protest in front of NFL Headquarters.

Her naysayers, who couldn’t find the time to protest police brutality or poisoned water in Flint, went so far as to compare the Black Panthers to the Ku Klux Klan. They even admonish Beyoncé for marrying rapper Jay Z because he sold drugs once in Brooklyn. 

SNL mocked the outrage brilliantly with a horror film called The Day Beyoncé Turned Black. News reporters open the skit with headlines like, “Beyoncé embraces her black heritage.” Watching from her living room, a shocked white woman calls her husband to her side and drops the harrowing news: “I think Beyoncé is black.”

In Times Square, another frazzled woman asks, “What about ‘Single Ladies?'” to which resident black cast member Kenan Thompson responds, “She was black in that.”

“The Pink Panther movie?” “OK she was white in that,” Thompson admits. Check out the hilarious clip above.

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