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Watch Miranda Kerr Teach American Kids the Australian Accent

talk like miranda kerr

Former David Jones ambassador and Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr sat down with Derek Blasberg and a bunch of American kids to try her best to teach them how to speak with an Australian accent as part of Vanity Fairs video segment “Derek Does Stuff WIth a Friend”.

Hollywood stars are notorious for butchering Australian accents, so Kerr decided that perhaps educating America’s children and potential stars of tomorrow would be the best way to fix the problem.

Steps that Kerr takes the kids through include soft intonation, pronouncing “i” as “oi”, dropping the last consonant from all words, and shortening everything.

It’s a deadset beat-up of the good old Aussie accent. To be fair the kids give the sauce bottle a fair shake, but they’ve got Buckley’s of ever sounding fair dinkum.