Look Amazing at Your Next Big Event with These Red Carpet Cheats

Celebrities are always on the go, attending red carpet event after red carpet event. With exclusive access to some of the top makeup artists, dermatologists, and hairstylists in the game, it only makes sense that they have a few tricks up their sleeve for looking their best prior to a big event. Check out 6 of them below, and get inspired.

1. Venus Freeze

Jennifer Lopez

Plastic surgery? Psh, that’s old news. These days, A-listers are opting for totally non-invasive procedures like the new Venus Freeze treatment to knock years off their age. The quick 30-minute process (which can be done on any part of the body, BTW) combines radio frequency and magnetic pulses to dramatically tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and erase cellulite. And guess what? It truly works!

While we can’t exactly divulge any names here, let’s just say the nurse at Lancer Dermatology (the office of world-renowned dermatologist to the stars Dr. Lancer) was booked from 5 AM to 6 PM the day before the Golden Globes with celeb after celeb.

2. Body Bling

Get that “lit from within” glow sans the sun with celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes’ best-selling Body Bling. A tinted moisturizer for the whole bod, this stuff evens out skin tone, camouflages any unwanted flaws, and elongates and slims the arms and legs prior to a major event. Celeb fans include everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gwen Stefani, Kelly Rowland and the always beautifully bronzed Victoria Beckham. Because let’s face it, everyone looks a little better with some color on the red carpet!

3. Peppermint Tea

Celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau (she tends to the skin of stars like Demi Lovato and Melissa Rycroft) says she always tells her celeb clients to drink peppermint tea for illuminated skin from the inside before a big event. “Sipping tea can give you a little instant boost and really get your skin glowing,” she notes. It’s important to hydrate and get enough sleep as well, both things two-time Daytime Emmy nominated actress and All My Children star, Alicia Minshew, swears by.

Jillian Rose Reed4. Deep Conditioner

Awkward actress Jillian Rose Reed confesses that her beauty secret before a big event is all about the hair. “I have extremely long, thick hair and, on top of that, I color it. So that’s why it's important for me to keep it as healthy as possible. My favorite shampoo/conditioner is by John Frieda, and its called Radiant Red. I also have an AMAZING deep conditioner by L'Oreal called Expert: Absolut Repair. My hair can't live without it—it keeps it soft, smooth, and healthy.” A total must-have.

5. Exfoliating The Back

Planning on rocking a strapless dress? Renee recommends taking care of your back first. “After you rinse in the shower, put your hair up with a clip and use shower gel to wash your back free of conditioner residue. Exfoliating twice weekly will also discourage clogged pores, prevent breakouts and help keep skin smooth, especially in the days leading up to a red carpet appearance.”

6. Skineez

Celebrities like Tori Spelling and Denise Richards shape up the right way before and during events with Skineez: high-quality garments that are infused with retinol, red algae extract, caffeine, shea butter, and vitamin E to tone, tighten, and firm skin while you wear them. Skineez are available in waist cinchers, bandeau tops, thigh shapers, boy shorts, panties and more. 

Images via Judy Eddy/WENN.com and Daniel Tanner/WENN.com