These Celebrities Had the Best Easter Weekend Ever

Easter Sunday is the perfect excuse to relax guilt-free and enjoy a long weekend of chocolate overload. Whether you exerted yourself with an Easter egg hunt or simply sat around gorging on bunny-shaped chocolate, Easter Sunday is a time to raise your sugar levels to new heights and forget your diet for the day.

We were pretty content with a modest simple haul of chocolate, but the celeb set was out and about, having an even more fabulous Easter than we were. Jared Leto was out finding a real life Jesus (who happens to have Leto's same hairdo), Kris Jenner put on an epic Easter feast for the Kardashian clan, and the Delevingne's had an expectedly wonderful, relaxing country weekend.

Don't feel sad that you missed out, though! We have all the snaps to make you feel like you were right there: