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The Secret to Christie Brinkley’s Ageless Beauty: Closed Set with Julie Bensman

When people find out I work with celebrities, they usually ask one of two questions: 1) Who is a diva and who is actually really nice? 2) Who looks really good in person and who actually needs a lot of retouching? In an effort to keep this column positive, a few names spring to mind with regards to the former part of the latter question:

As of late, however, the name on everybody's lips has gotta be…Christie Brinkley, the latest star to lend her talents to one of my favorite musicals (and hometown), Chicago. Brinkley graces the cover of the latest issue of Hamptons magazine and judging a book by its cover, would you EVER, in a million years, guess that this woman is 57 years old? 

Christie Brinkley Hamptons magazine

So what’s Ms. Brinkley’s secret and how can I get in on that?

Christie’s daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, interviewed her for the Hamptons story and reveals her mother’s energy and youthful glow can be credited to a vegetarian diet and yoga. Now, before you swear off eating anything with a smile and buying out the entire floor at your local Lululemon, let us remember this woman is also currently starring in a Broadway show and performing eight shows a week (and let’s not forget those Total Gym infomercials). But it did get me thinking: how many times have you heard celebs chalk up their unbelievable bodies to “eating in moderation and yoga.” Look, I like downward dog as much as the next person, but I highly doubt I’m going to be able to do a Broadway show and look like Christie at age 57. There’s gotta be something else going on here, people.

christie brinkley Hamptons magazine

The next issue of Hamptons will feature Heidi Klum on the cover (which, not surprisingly, is gorgeous). I did a little research via her recently-launched website and, guess what? The girl’s a fan of yoga, too even designing her own yogi accessories. She’s hosting a party for Hamptons this Wednesday evening — perhaps I’ll get the chance to sit down with her and get to the bottom of this whole yoga business…