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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012 Hits and Misses, Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012 Hits and Misses - Haider Ackermann & Chanel

Fashion month has finally drawn to a close, but we can still marvel at the good, the bad, the ugly, and even the appalling clothing that went down the runway for Fall 2012. Below are some of the Fashion Spot forum members’ final picks for the best and worst of what we saw in Paris this season. 

Paris Fall 2012 Hits - Yves Saint Laurent, Haider Ackermann, Valentino

The Hits: Yves Saint Laurent, Haider Ackermann, Valentino


Yves Saint Laurent

“This is absolutely brilliant, gorgeous and exquisite. I love the sharp cutting, use of leather and this simple, pure elegance. Beautiful. Even though it's such a cliché when it comes to saying ‘goodbye’, this truly might be one of my favorite collections from Stefano [Pilati]. I'm really sad he's leaving at the moment. I have been becoming a fan of his designs for the house, but on the other hand, this is a perfect collection to be remembered.” [mackos]

“This and Pilati's last few offerings have all been so luxe, sexy, total femme-fatale collections that were beautifully crafted and innovative. The exact aesthetic that I want to see from the YSL brand. He will be hard to replace.” [HeatherAnne]

“SO beautiful. It's so consistent and so centralized. There's a very addictive and alluring personality through the whole thing. Especially those really snappy leather coats. So dark and sexy. The tailoring is just insane.” [Squizree]

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Haider Ackermann

“I love the type of woman he designs for; his clothes always make the wearer look like a strong, confident woman—no matter what they might actually be like. And those rich decadent colors are just luscious. Needless to say, I love this.” [fantastical]

“Wow, a collection that reminds me of Autumn without making me feel depressed. Very nice.” [ALAUU]

“His most wearable [collection] yet, but it has not diminished the desirability and aesthetic level at all. What a master of colors, this guy.” [Mr-Dale]

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“Well, I thought I was tired of seeing leather… until this collection.” [Selfportraitgrl]

“For some houses consistency counts more than novelty. I think Valentino, given its legacy and its customer, is one of them. Personally I find this mid to late 60s Valentino woman the designers rediscovered a few seasons ago to still feel incredibly fresh and I am far from bored. I love this idea of conservative, easy, effortless, dressing. You see the clothes at retail and they all look so special and timeless. It's fantastic and really what the house needs. This season they brought back the folk influence of the late 60s and its looks great. Love Love Love.” [Mutterlein]

“Their collections may be repetitive but I like it that way. They're evolving slowly and gaining confidence on the way while still producing beautiful pieces that like Mutterlein says, challenge time. I don't think they aspire to be a seasonal treat or wow consumers with seasonal revamps and I admire them for that.” [MulletProof]

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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012 Misses - Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf

The Misses: Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf



“I always spot a few breathtaking Chanel dresses and it isn't the case this time… this has 'hurry up' written all over it, some nice pieces because you can't go wrong with a team like that but overall a very disastrous collection. Thankfully there's always another season… or actually, there's always another Cruise or Pre-Fall collection, which is where all of [Chanel's] creativity and attention seems to reside these days.” [MulletProof]

“I just don't feel Chanel is worth the hype anymore. They aren't setting trends so much as jumping on bandwagons. Their grandiose sets have been the most exciting parts of their collections the past few seasons.” [loladonna]

“Majority of this is unflattering, unattractive and in some moments just plain ugly. It's such a pity to look at what Chanel has become.” [mackos]

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Alexander McQueen

“DAYUMMM THAT IS A WHOLE 'LOTTA UGLY! What are those things? Fur? Feathers? They look like something out of Sesame Street. I don't think I can ever forgive Sarah Burton for creating something so ugly, which will forever be burned in my memory. She better bring her A-game next season because this is just tragic.” [ALAUU]

“It's definitely questionable and kinda tasteless. The fur is too excessive and feels like it's been used unnecessarily just for the sake of it. Lee [McQueen] also used to produce some pretty tacky stuff, but you knew his pieces were never what they were at face value. There was always humor behind his work. This is just unnecessary… Lady Gaga and Anna Dello Russo [will] be all over this crap.” [Squizree]

“I think Sarah was inspired by hours and hours spent watching dog shows.” [congacon]

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Viktor & Rolf

“I don't understand what is going on with them. Spring 2012 was a total disaster, but Pre-Fall was amazing. And now this. It starts off quite good, then turns into those fur monstrosities that I just wish I could un-see, and then it becomes more and more random towards the end. It's not even disappointing anymore, it's confusing.” [mistress_f]

“This collection is all over the place… A huge backwards step for the duo.” [Northern Star]

“This is…diabolical. Totally heinous and excessively gross. Which is a shame because the accessories are beautiful.” [Squizree]

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Images: imaxTREE