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21 Questions with…Rock Star Mike Deni of Geographer

Mike Deni, Geographer

I met the members of indie rock band Geographer — lead singer Mike Deni, who also plays synths and guitar, cellist Nathan Blaz, and drummer Brian Ostreicher — a few weeks ago at Stylecaster's Hamptons retreat and was immediately drawn to their relaxed demeanor and effortlessly on point style. Flown in to the East End from San Francisco so that they could perform at an event, the group also performed at the Bowery Hotel a few days later where I got to see their artfully carefree style up close.

So, who better to kick of our new "21 Questions" series than Timex80-loving Mike Deni?

1. I’d never perform without wearing…my Vasque canvas boots that I got in 1998.

2. The best style tip I ever got was…you look too clean.

3. My favorite summer track is…New Theory, Washed Out.

4. On a typical Saturday night…I go out looking for what you don't find where I'm looking.

5. Dinner when on tour usually consists of…Penne Arrabiata.

6. The best gift I ever received…was a space pen.

7. My most treasured wardrobe item is…a leather jacket from All Saints.

8. I would never be caught dead performing while wearing…a leather vest with no shirt underneath.

9. My favorite shoes are…Frye shoes.

10. The clothing item I currently wear the most often…a blue windbreaker I got in Italy 6 years ago. Super faded.

11. My beauty essentials are…sleep.

12. When I’m getting dressed to perform I always think…"Well, you're not Prince…"

13. When I’m looking to get inspired I…listen to a classic album from the 70s.

14. My style icon is…late 70s/early 80s era Bruce Springsteen.

15. I like to see a girl wearing…a too-big t-shirt cut off above the waist.

16. The tech item I can’t live without…the good old laptop.

17. My favorite travel destination is…the Yuba River.

18. The last song I listened to was…Only Love Can Break your Heart by Neil Young.

19. The best fans are the ones that…like the slow songs.

20. The city that has the best shopping….Bangkok.

21. Day-to-day you’ll find me wearing…the same pants.