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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: Ralph Lauren Olympics Backlash, Everyone Hates Chloe Sevigny

This week on #Twitterati, Miley Cyrus debuts a much lighter 'do on Twitter, Ralph Lauren's backlash receives backlash, while Chloe Sevigny can't manage to score a Valentino Dress. Want more? Then keep reading this week's most happening fashion moments, events, and quotes, according to Twitter's finest celebrities, top editors, and most followed bloggers.

Ralph Lauren Reacts to the US Olympics "Made in China" Fiasco

To make a long story short, Fashionologie tweeted, "Now there is backlash against the backlash against Ralph Lauren's Olympic uniforms being produced overseas! Seriously." Just last week, Politicians turned against the designer as news came to light that Lauren's designs for the Olympics were made in China. Soon after, writers and media outlets spoke out in defense of Ralph Lauren. WWD's Bridget Foley countered:

Most offensive, this professed outrage by members of Congress ignores the fact that Ralph Lauren the man is someone who declares his patriotism regularly, without embarrassment, and puts his money where his sentiments are — not just when the Olympics roll around.

Although Mr. Lauren received a multitude of support from the industry, the designer has shown some signs of remorse as Styleite informed us: " Lauren has announced that the 2014 US Olympic Team's uniforms will be made in the US. Yay?"  As for the actual design of the uniforms, The Fashion Spot tweeted, "Thinking that 's Team uniforms are less retro, more retrograde."


Miley Cyrus Goes Blonde. Verdict Is?

Image: Miley Cyrus Twitter 

Platinum hair to match a platinum engagement ring? Miley Cyrus debuted a much lighter hair color via twitter claiming, "Now that I'm blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo." Twitter compliments followed suit as Just Jared added, "Miley Cyrus Goes Blonde!: Miley Cyrus is rockin’ a new blonde ‘do" Us Weekly tweeted, "Miley Cyrus dyes her hair bright blonde! What do you think of her new 'do?" We are definitely loving Miley's lightened locks. 

Why Does Everyone Dislike Chloe Sevigny? 

"Wait, what?! Chloe Sevigny claims no one in Hollywood likes her," tweets Refinery 29. Shocked? So are we, but apparently Chloe, who covered the July issue of Out, told the magazine that, “Hollywood does not know what to do with me. They do not like me. That’s why I end up in these seemingly difficult movies. That’s what is offered to me, and I need to make a living.”

But even more shocking than Sevigny's status in Tinseltown is, as Fashionista points out, "Poor Chloe Sevigny still can't get Valentino to loan her dresses! What's a perennial fashion plate to do?" Sevigny told Out that she only received 2 out of 20 dresses she requested for consideration for the British premiere of her film Hit & Miss. Sevigny added, "Aren’t I one of the top searches on, for crying out loud?” she joked. “How hard is it to get a fucking dress from Valentino?" 

Well, if it's any consolation, Karl Lagerfeld's infamous kitty, Choupette, tweeted, "Poor Chloe Sevigny; I'll get Daddy to send you a dress instead." And there you have it, someone does like Chloe.