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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: Miuccia Prada Claims Italian Fashion is Dying, the Best Tweets From the Olympics Opening Ceremony and More

This week on #Twitterati, British Vogue debuts its Karlie Kloss September issue cover, Miuccia Prada thinks Italian fashion is on its way to extinction, and Ryan Lochte's dental bling causes major drama. Want more, including who tweeted about who during the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony? Then keep reading this week's most happening fashion moments, events, and quotes, according to Twitter's fashion elite.

Karlie Kloss Fronts Two of Vogue's Coveted September Issues 

TwitPic via The Love Magazine

Karlie Kloss hasn't even turned 20 yet and is already making fashion history. The gorgeous supermodel nabbed two of fashion's most coveted September covers. Last week, Twitterati mentioned that Vogue Japan unveiled its Karlie-clad issue which featured Miss Kloss rocking a YSL dress from Pilati's final collection, now it has been revealed that Kloss is also fronting British Vogue's September Issue, in which the stunning model is wearing a colorful Jonathan Saunders ensemble. So the question remains, which Karlie cover is hotter? Japan or Britain? 

Speaking of Karlie…

Guess who's fronting the  and  collaboration? Neiman Marcus announced via Twitter, "The face of our  collab with ? Our girl." Not only is Karlie one of the most, if not the most, fierce high-fashion model in the business, she is also the sweetest. The Cut tweeted, " brings homemade desserts to the set of the  for  shoot, keeps everyone well-fed." Just one more reason to love Miss Kloss. 


Say It Ain't So: Miuccia Prada Thinks Italian Fashion is Becoming Irrelevant

Miuccia PradaThere is no doubt that luxury houses like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Salvatore Ferragamo are viewed as the crème de la crème of fashion. However, in a very revealing interview with La Republicca (reported by WWD), First Lady of Italian Fashion, Miuccia Prada, says that Italy is losing its status and influence in the fashion domain. "Miuccia Prada says she's worried Italian fashion is becoming 'second league' as more designers trade Milan for Paris." ( 

Citing Raf Simons as an example, Miuccia claims that more and more fashion brands are snubbing Italian culture for the glamour of Paris. As multiple media sources like StyleCaster add, "Miuccia Prada Thinks Italy’s Fashion Status is Dwindling," do you think Italy will become simply a manufacturing hub and is this the end of La Dolce Vita fashion? 

image: IMAXtree


The 2012 Olympics Edition: Twitter Reacts to Ryan Lochte's Grill, the Queen's 007 Entrance and More 

"Olympic Fashion Controversy Of The Day: Ryan Lochte's diamond-studded American flag grill." (Styleite). American Swimmer and Vogue cover boy, Ryan Lochte, who is known for wearing diamond studded grills, was reprimanded by the International Olympic Committee for his fondness of dental bling usage. According to ESPN's Wayne Dreh's tweet, "Lochte told me he tried to wear his grill on the podium only to have an Olympics official tell him if he did so he wouldn't get his gold." While Lochte removed the ice so that he could get the gold, do you think such a rule invalidates his freedom of self expression, including artistic and fashion preferences? The Fashion Spot added its two cents tweeting, " is so cute, but why does he have to keep wearing that silly grill? ." Do you agree? I, for one, am kind of fond of Lochte's grill and think he should be allowed to wear it, even at the podium. 

Lochte's blingage wasn't the only news causing a Twitter ruckus; Twitter's enthusiasm soared as the world anticipated one of the most important moments of the Olympics, the opening ceremony.

Model and singer Karen Elson tweeted, "I can't wait to watch the opening ceremony!" Others were more specific as to the cause of their excitement. Red Carpet Fashion tweeted, "Oi oi sexy  ." Nina Garcia added, "Well.. David Beckham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ." However, Beckham's sexiness wasn't the only thing stirring the fashion minds. tweeted, "FYI: That top Michelle Obama wore while high-fiving David Beckham is Derek Lam." 

Speaking of the Olympics, Her Majesty the Queen of England made quite a fashionable entrance during the Olympics opening ceremony as she was whisked out of a plane by none other than 007 James Bond, AKA Daniel Craig. US Weekly tweeted, "What was your favorite moment from the Olympics opening ceremony? We loved Queen Elizabeth's bit with James Bond!" Who didn't? The Fug Girls added, "I love that we're pretending James Bond threw QE2 out of a helicopter. However it would have been funnier if it were Camilla. -H."