Style, Meet Warmth: 5 Pieces to Buy Now Before It Gets REALLY Cold

When it comes to winter wardrobe, my closet has two categories: everyday casual pieces (think Isabel Marant meets Club Monaco meets Converse) and true sportswear for ski trips and outdoor adventures (think Patagonia meets adidas Originals).

Until recently, it seemed athletic outfitters kept their distance from luxe fashion labels and vice versa — but in the era of the yogi running errands post-practice and the cyclist pedaling to work at her publishing company, a Venn diagram effect has created a middle ground where it seems everyone can get along. If you told me five years ago, I'd be able to get away with rocking adidas kicks with Lululemon black leggings and a Marmot puffer vest to work…well, it's a new style age and blending both sides of my closet is now something I do best. In that vein, I took a sporty approach to compiling key items on my winter wish list — and even got some industry experts to support my case. (Editor Note: I'm all for pushing the sartorial envelope, but let's agree that Crocs, Uggs, jeggings and pajama pants are never ok outside the house, k?) Check out my top picks below: