The Pretty Paillette: Shine On With This Season’s Alt Sequin

What's a paillette? It's your answer to the ubiquitous sequined pieces and accessories we see every fall and holiday season. Think of it as the sequin's alt older sister: she's bigger, badder and perfect as an accent or for making an allover stunner. Not only are paillettes typically larger than the tiny sequin, they're also typically applied to garments in an overlapping fashion (rather than a straight line). The hole for sewing is at the top rather than the center. The added texture from the overlap adds interest and texture, and allows you to catch the light without looking exactly like a disco ball.

Now that you're educated, feel free to take a look at the PYTs we've selected below to represent some of the paillette offerings on the web. You might also want to think of this as your "What do I wear the next time I leave home?" slideshow. From tanks and dresses to quirky scarves, skirts and even a paillette adorned sweatshirt, these embellishments can lend a flirty, dressed up feel to any of your activities.