Fashion Challenge: Head-to-Toe White for Night

The little black dress may get all the attention when it comes to wardrobe essentials, but the truth is, a little white dress is just as vital – even in a town like Manhattan, known for its penchant for dark sartorial choices. Moreover, it's been proven that color can have a tremendous impact on mood and it won't take more than two seconds to figure out what people tend to find more uplifting when faced with white and black.

Sharon head to toe white for night

While wearing head-to-toe anything can seem daunting, an easy way to make this look more approachable is to opt for a piece like the above right Timo Weiland top which has a 3-D effect to distract from the monochrome color scheme. This same idea can be seen with the above left Clu shirt. The multidimensional tops paired with relaxed trousers further add to the ease of the looks and make them all-flattering. Further, they're casual enough to wear by day, but can easily be dressed up with heels and clutch to take you through the night.

When opting for head-to-toe white with a dress, a great route is the one below with this Thakoon dress which has hook-and-eye accents, adding a quirky touch while breaking up an otherwise monochrome look. Visual interest and textural details can also be added via accessories while maintaining the all-white look. For example, the ruffle accented Charlotte Olympia shoes pictures below, the Stella McCartney clutch worn with the Thakoon dress, or the  L.A.M.B. peep toe pumps seen above.

A major runway trend at the Fall 2012 shows was mixed prints. Get inspired by this look while staying season appropriate by mixing various shades of white within one look, like the top two looks shown here. This is a fantastic way to make a fashion-forward statement without feeling like you're taking too big of a risk. Even better, this look can translate into anything from a cream colored menswear-inspired suit worn with a white shirt, to an off-white sweater worn with lighter palazzo pants. Work with your accessories — think scarves, shoes, and handbags — to add further white variations.

Turns out, when it comes to head-to-toe white, the options are truly endless…