Make Your Smile Perfect For Summer

With the resort season upon us, looking great on the beach or poolside extends beyond the months you’ve spent in the gym acquiring that rocking bod that was made for even the skimpiest bikini.

No svelte physique is complete without a winning smile to set off your hard work in the gym.

Celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Debra Glassman believes that a healthy smile is a necessity for that fashionista who wants to project confidence and healthy living. "I treat a lot of models, celebrities, and Broadway stars. Everybody wants that beautiful, white smile," she said.

"When you have a great smile, you have confidence and a boost in your self-esteem. A natural, beautiful smile goes hand in hand with a fit, healthy body."

Her client list includes celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Drew Lachey, Randy Jackson; the casts of Broadway’s Wicked, Contact, and Rock of Ages; and supermodels Hilary Rhoda and Josie Maran.

Dr. Glassman is an esteemed cosmetic dentist who understands the importance of paparazzi camera readiness, especially in the summertime. "In the summertime everyone is smiling more, so if you are going to be in front of the camera, it is important to have a white, natural-looking smile. Everyone is looking at you more closely. You are exposing more skin and not hiding behind hats, scarves and big sweaters."

But even if your livelihood doesn’t include preening and posing for the camera, there are some quick, inexpensive things you can do to keep those pearly whites pristine and perfect. "Women should stay away from lipsticks that have orange colors or pigment in it. Orange colors will bring out the yellow discoloration or stains in your teeth.

Berry or blue/reds colors emphasize the whiteness of your teeth," says Dr. Glassman. "If you are on the go, drink water with lemon in it; this combination helps to remove stain and helps prevent stain from building up. Also, if you are on the go and can’t brush, eat an apple.  The acid in apples helps break down stains and helps prevent stain build up," suggests Dr. Glassman. Lastly, Dr. Glassman extols the benefits of brushing your tongue for fresh breath, and to help get rid of bacteria.

For those who choose whitening techniques, Glassman believes office procedures are the safest and most efficient. "At my office we use the Zoom 2 Whitening System. It is a light procedure that takes about 45 minutes. You will get your teeth eight to 10 shades lighter. We call it a lunchtime smile makeover."

And for those consumers who opt for home gels and whitening strips, Dr. Glassman has some great tips:

1) If you have large teeth, often whitening strips won’t cover the entire tooth, so you may be left with teeth that are two-toned.

2) Home strips and gels generally take about two weeks to see maximum results.

3) While using gels and strips, stick to white wine, ginger ale and avoid soy sauce, marinara sauce, blueberries, and anything that could stain your teeth.

Dr. Debra Glassman has also developed her own toothpaste, Starbrite, sold in Victoria’s Secret stores. "I have also incorporated Xylitrol into my toothpaste brand, which is an anti-cavity and anti-gum disease ingredient."

Now that NY Fashion Week will be at Lincoln Center, Glasssman Dental Care on West 66th Street may be the perfect place to get that star-powered smile. And it will only take 45 minutes!

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Photos courtesy of Debra Glassman.