Martin Scorsese Directs Chanel Perfume Commercial

Few beauty brands could convince a filmmaker as heralded as Martin Scorsese – the man behind such legendry films such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas – to direct one of their commercials. But then again, few brands hold even an inch of a candle to Chanel.
Following in the footsteps of fellow director Ridley Scott, Scorsese was tapped by the iconic brand to direct the short advertising film for their latest men’s fragrance, the new Bleu de Chanel. 
Titled Bleu de Chanel, the film features celebrated French actor and rising international star Gaspard Ulliel playing the role of a young actor “whose artistic talent, rebelliousness, and luck have recently catapulted him into the public eye.”
However, Ulliel’s character refuses to conform to the lifestyle and expectations of his newly found fame, which he feels have been forced upon him.
As the character struggles with new pressures and demands, he encounters his first love, who for years supplied him with the passion and turmoil that fueled his work. The idea is that this is a man who goes against the grain. He’s bold, charismatic, and pushes aside convention to embody what Chanel deems the bold character of Bleu de Chanel. 
The short film is set against the song "She Said Yeah" from the Rolling Stones’ 1965 album December’s Children (And Everybody’s).
Ulliel described the experience of working with Scorsese, remarking that “throughout the five days of work, he overflowed with energy and enthusiasm, and achieved something that truly stands out from other fragrance commercials.”
The fragrance itself was created by Chanel Master Perfumer Jacques Polge, and is described as a woody aromatic fragrance with notes of grapefruit, dry cedar, and labdanum.  
You can check out the film and learn more about the fragrance here.