Safeguard Your Strands: Splitting Hairs with Ryan Nickulas

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Hi Sugars! All the warm, beautiful, sunny weather has me thinking about SPF—but not in the way you might think! We all know, hopefully, to protect our skin from the sun’s harsh rays and I faithfully spray on my Coppertone SPR 50 every day…but most people forget about their hair and head! I’ve got the tips you need to make sure you stay safe and healthy from head to toe. 

Giselle on the beach

Sun Smarts

Damage from the sun’s UV rays leads to all the things you don’t want (broken, split ends; dry, weak hair; frizz and color fade) because the sun breaks down keratin, your hair’s crucial protein source. The sun lightens color-treated hair, meaning, your salon-stunning hue dulls and brasses ASAP.

Damage Control 

Luckily, you can stop these icky tress issues before they start, using the right tools and tricks. Be sure to swap out some of your regular go-to products for styling aids that contain SPF in their formulas. While there are shampoos and conditioners with SPF, you wash these out, so it’s a must to use finishing sprays and serums with UV protection. Treat your tresses with some TLC too—using a clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week can improve hair's condition dramatically and make it healthier and stronger.

Parting Ways

Finally, don’t forget about your part! Use SPF right on the scalp where the part line is—the exposed skin there and on your ears is super sensitive. Products like Redken UV Rescue are made specifically for both the scalp and hair, making them especially great for those with very short hair where the scalp areas are more exposed. You can also use regular sun protecting products on the part line.