Rachel Zoe Spring 2012 Backstage Beauty

I'm sure that working for Rachel Zoe is a high-stress job, but seeing how she interacts with those around her makes it look nothing if not appealing. As affable, caring, and dedicated to fashion in person as she appears on TV, the first thing the stylist-turned-reality star-turned-fashion designer did when she walked into her showroom where her Spring 2012 presentation was taking place was make sure that everyone on her team was doing well and had "enough space to work." Husband Rodger Berman was on hand and adorably, every so often, asked her to turn around so he could snap a photo of her.

After all space issues were settled, Zoe immediately went into stylist mode adjusting outfits, going over hair and makeup as interns and staffers all around her were making last minute adjustments (some literally pin and needle in hand), and steaming garments. Her demeanor is impressively calm – aside from when she’s first presented with a model wearing one of her looks in which case it’s sheer excitement. At one point, after fussing over a particular model’s outfit for an extended period, she asked the model “is this how you would wear it?” When the model said “yes,” Zoe, all smiles exclaimed, “That’s perfect that’s what we want, to model after beauty!” As for her own outfit, Zoe looked great in her wide leg black jumper and gold and diamond jewelry.

Zoe styling; Zoe speaking about the hair look with Didier Malige of Frederic Fekkai (right)

The beauty look at the show was sponsored by Exude and the models wore a variety of shades from the collection, while the rest of the makeup was done with a slew of products ranging from Bobbi Brown to Chanel. Pointing to my sneaking suspicion that brown will be the next “it” color, the hue played a key component in the look. Nails were done in Amanda by Zoya and brand manicurist Sunshine told me that it’s a shade often used for presentations because it blends in well and “goes with anything.” Zoe wanted a shade that didn’t take away from the clothes and she said this particular one is “maj.”

Hair was left in the talented hands of Didier Malige who created the look using Frederic Fekkai products. Malige described the look as “messy and romantic” and it was inspired by the idea of wearing hair from the night before for a fresh, natural look.

To get the look, start the night before by washing hair with Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. The next day, start with clean dry hair and apply Fekkai Coiff Bouffant Lifting and Texturizing Spray Gel to the roots. Blow the hair dry, using only fingers, to allow for natural curls to form. Then, reshape the waives throughout the top and mid section of the hair, using curling irons of at least two different sizes. Add a few small, loose braids underneath the top layer of hair, to "weigh the hair down," stopping at least two inches before the bottom of the hair. To create an up-do from the look, loosely braid the hair starting at the nape of the neck, stopping at least two inches before the bottom of the hair. Gently roll the braid against the back of the head, allowing a few face-framing tendrils to fall, using bobby pins to hold in place. To secure both styles of the look, spray Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hair Spray.