Runway-Inspired Spring Hair Trends for Men

When it comes to the beauty trends surrounding Fashion Week, women get most of the attention, but what about the fellows? To find out about how influential men’s runway trends are, we turned to Jeffrey Yabut from HOMMAGE Atelier. After all, who better to speak with about men's hair than the master barber at one of the city's most posh salons? (We're talking $13,000 chairs with auto preset buttons and a built-in outlet, a personalized access card given to each patron so they avoid having to ring the buzzer, a fireplace, multiple flat screens, and in a Mad Men-worthy twist, scotch offered along with an array of juices, water, and other beverages.)

The Fashion Spot: Are you influenced by runway hair trends?

Jeffrey Yabut: I don't let the runway trends influence me too much. Some hairstyles on the runway are too fashion forward or unrealistic that men would feel uncomfortable wearing those styles in public. Men like to keep their look simple and easy but with a hint of versatility. That’s where a great beard or a barely-there shadow comes into play on a man – facial hair is simple to maintain if you know the right steps and adds a bit of dimension and personal style to a guy’s overall look.

tFS: Do you find that men have become more adventurous with their hairstyles these past few years?

JY: Yes, I do find that men are already becoming more adventurous with their hairstyle. We are currently in the era of the "modern gentleman" where discerning, classic, and well-kept appearances are considered trendy and sought-after. Men are becoming more conscious of their overall appearance, as opposed to separate looks for business and leisure.

tFS: We saw a lot of long hair on the runway for Spring 2012. Is this something you've noticed in your salon?

JY: Yes, I have noticed that a lot of men are trying out the longer hair look, but not so long that maintenance is an issue. Men still want to look clean and controlled, whether it’s for business or leisure, and maintaining, controlling and styling longer hair does not really lend itself to the lifestyle of a professional, jet-setting business man.

Images: Imaxtree

tFS: Most men don't do a lot of hair maintenance. Do you have any basic recommendations that you feel are important for men to do?

JY: Men should treat their scalps the same way that they treat their beards by cleaning and moisturizing on a regular basis. It is very important to shampoo and condition regularly and use products that don’t dry out the hair by stripping its nature oils. Styling products are also important but men should stay away from products that are tough to wash out. Look for a product that allows you to apply a dime-sized amount, depending on how thick and long the hair is.

tFS: We saw a lot of "wet looks" on the runway. Thoughts on that? Can one achieve it without drenching hair in product?

JY: I think that "wet looks" are great for special black tie events, important business meetings or presentations. I don't see too many men going for a "wet look" during their leisure time. Men don't want to spend a lot of time on their hair when they don't have to and they especially do not want their style to look like they took a large amount of time creating it in the morning. Right now, I feel that men are leaning towards a natural looking hairstyle rather than a "wet look" which leads them to spend less time and use less amounts of styling product.

Yes, you can achieve a "wet look", without drenching hair in product. Styling products such as wax, fiber, shaping creams, or pomade, allow you to use a smaller amount than a wet gel or hair spray requires.