We scouted recent additions to the beauty product arena to find our top five picks for new beauty product must-haves.

SunSponge by ModelCo

Self-tanning lotions typically present a few challenges. To start, they are usually associated with an overwhelming telltale smell. Add to that the propensity to glob up between your fingers and under your nails (leaving you with perpetual Cheetos fingers), and you have an equation that is not always ideal. Kick these lotions to the curb and embrace ModelCo’s revolutionary new SunSponge. The tanning formula, which automatically adjusts to your skin tone, is administered via sponge at the end of a plastic handle — keeping your hands out of the mess. Best of all, it has a subtle and pleasant aroma. $39 at


CORALista by Benefit Cosmetics

Perfectly pink blushes for rosy winter cheeks are a dime a dozen, but a blush that complements your sunkissed summer complexion can be more challenging to find. Enter Benefit’s CORALista: As the name implies, this product is warm coral pink, which makes it the perfect companion for your bronzed beauty look this season. $28 at


Skin Genesis by L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal’s new skincare line aims to revitalize your skin by making it both brighter and tighter, shrinking your pores in the process. If you’re looking for a pore-eliminating miracle, you’re going to have to keep looking (and by all means, please let us know if you find one!). The effects are subtle but still substantial, so be patient and diligent in using the entire series of products regularly.


Everlasting French Nails by Kiss

If the term "artificial nails" conjures up images of a frightening salon receptionist who has to type with the eraser end of a pencil because her fake nails extend a solid inch beyond each finger, prepare to have all your preconceptions blown away: You’ll have to squint to spot the artificiality of these Everlasting French Nails by Kiss. Not only are they super-easy to apply, but they also will stay put and chip-free for an entire week. Artificial nail newbies, however, be warned: What makes nails stay put also makes them time-intensive to remove. $5.99 at


Lash Lifting Mascara by Anastasia

Just in is this mascara, which is the ultimate beauty product must-have for the gal on the go. Just one swipe of Anastasia’s Lash Lifting Mascara will lengthen and volumize your lashes without clumping. It’s simplicity defined! What more can you ask for? $22 at



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