5 Easy Tips for a Frizz-Free Summer


image: IMAXtree

Summer frizz can get the best of us. The humidity and heat can do a number on strands that have the slightest natural wave or curl. Is the answer to give up and sport a bun for three months? Nah. You have options for weather-based hair care that allows you to show off your effort to maintain a pretty mane. Preventing frizzy hair isn’t difficult. Once you get the right products and have your routine in place, you’ll be on automatic and won’t even have to think about it. For now, practice and know-how will make perfect. Here are some tips for shining, frizz-free locks.

The Cut

Hair that’s prone to frizz is even more so when it’s short. So while you might be tempted to cut in the summer for the sake of a lighter load, understand that it could create a frizzy situation. Notify your stylist that your hair tends to get frizzy and work out a cut that will allow for easy care and maintenance. If your stylist doesn’t seem to know about cuts for curly, wavy or frizzy hair, it might be time to seek out a new chair.

In the Shower

Start with a shampoo and conditioner that’s formulated with anti-frizz benefits. Buzzwords to look for on bottles are “smoothing,” “dry scalp,” “ultra moisturizing,” and those that are formulated specifically for curly and wavy hair. Bring a wide tooth comb with you. After shampooing, actually comb the conditioner through your hair. This has detangling benefits and makes sure strands are coated. Leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes. (Psst…this is a good time to shave your legs.) Then rinse thoroughly. Do not wash your frizzy hair every day, it’ll dry out. Every other day is best. Just rinse and condition on your off days.

After Glow

When you get out of the shower, forget about drying off with a terry cloth towel. The rough texture can rupture curls and waves and create frizz. Search out a microfiber towel that absorbs water and use that to gently squeeze out excess moisture. When it comes to applying your anti-humidity products, start by applying them to damp hair. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with a mid-day touchup on dry tresses, but applying on wet hair first is a preventative measure that works. What products should you have on hand? A heat protecting spray or serum helps protect hair and make it shine. Shine serums and sprays give your hair an extra boost once it’s dry. Silicone-based products provide a protective coating that helps prevent frizzy hair throughout the day, but be wary, too much of the stuff will weigh your hair down. Leave-in conditioners and detangling solutions also provide shine. The mix you use is up to you.


Now you’re on to your vanity mirror for styling. What should you do? Make sure your liquid products, like hairspray, are alcohol-free. Alcohol is in a lot of products and dries hair out. Ditch your brush and instead stick with a comb to keep cuticles closed. Use ionic, ceramic and/or tourmaline heat tools. Better yet, don’t use heat tools, and let your hair air dry in all of its natural-textured glory. If you must blow dry, consider attaching the diffuser to your nozzle for a gentler heat application. Once a week, use a hot oil leave-in treatment. They’re inexpensive and don’t weigh locks down.

More Prevention

If you’re going to spend an entire day under the sun, protect your hair like you would your skin. There are some hair products that contain SPF, but a cute hat does the trick too. Sleeping on satin pillowcases prevents hair snagging on fibers at the microscopic level, which is what happens with your standard cotton cases.