Get Your Glow On: Bronzers to Suit Every Skin Tone

Nothing says summer like a sun-kissed glow. Thankfully, we don’t have to expose ourselves to the sun’s harmful rays to get one. There are lots of self-tanning products and bronzers that give us that quintessential beach babe look.

A bronzer is the best choice for a low-maintenance glow. It can be applied anywhere from cheekbones to noses to foreheads. Then it can be washed away at the end of the day. There’s no need for exfoliating, waiting for the product to dry and stressing about stained clothes like with fussy fake tan products.

The key to success for faking a summer glow is to make sure it looks convincing, not fake. It’s critical to select a shade that flatters your complexion. It can’t be too orange, too brown or too pink. It has to be just right. To ensure that you get the most flattering bronzer for your skin tone, follow the tips below.

If you have fair skin

The wrong bronzer shade can often read as too orange or muddy on fair skin. Therefore, it’s key not to go too dark. Look for peachy or rose hues with sheer formulas. Be careful with heavily pigmented products because they can end up looking stripy. 

If you have medium skin

Sheer copper, bronze and earth tones are medium-skinned girls’ BFFs. Those with tan or olive skin already have gorgeous golden undertones in their complexions, so bronzer is the perfect way to punch them up. Choose a sheer, buildable formula for the most versatility.

If you have deep skin

Darker girls, don’t sleep on bronzer. Yes, you’ve got a lot built in, but if you haven’t been able to get that sunkissed brownish-red or golden undertone quite yet, look for a bronzer in these shades to add some beautiful dimension to your complexion. Watch out for rose-toned bronzers because they can sometimes wash out deep skin.

Now that we’ve figured out the best shades of bronzer for your skin tone, it’s time to get shopping. See our picks for the best bronzers in the slideshow above.

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Get Your Glow On: The Best Bronzers for Every Skin Tone