11 Travel Sets to Keep Your Beauty Routine in Check During the Holidays

Time zone changes, weather fluctuations and airplane germs are just a few of the problems that can be harsh on your skin. And thanks to the strict TSA guidelines and carry-on size restrictions, bringing along your shower favorites for a weekend back home in the burbs is out of the question. There is no need to settle for a spritz of grandma’s questionable fragrance or having to steal your sister’s apple-scented body lotion — there are options out there for you, beauty junkie. You’re in luck because some of the best brands have you and your travels in mind by offering mini versions of their greatest hits. So pack your oversized sweaters, a Beyoncé-filled iPod and a few of these gems to keep your beauty routine on point, no matter how small your carry-on luggage may be or how cramped your childhood bedroom is now that it’s become mom’s wrapping station.