Holiday Pick-Me-Up: a 30-Minute Face Lift That Really Works



“You can definitely see the difference,” said LING Spa owner Ling Chan as I looked in the mirror, stunned at the transformation that had begun 15 short minutes ago. Chan was referring to the latest breakthrough procedure (the Express Lift & Energy Wellness) launched last month at Facebar, her New York City spa. The unique treatment is a fast, affordable and safe alternative to plastic surgery. Yes, a noninvasive face lift at a spa! Before you become skeptical and run through a slew of questions in your mind, let me tell you about my experience.

I am constantly referring friends, co-workers and strangers who comment on my skin to this hidden gem of a spa right in the heart of New York City’s Union Square (although there is a second location on the Upper East Side, too). I love that it’s a small and cozy facility in a convenient location and that it offers custom facials and has the friendliest staff around. The tool that provides the aforementioned face lift in 30 minutes is LING’s exclusive Energy Lift Machine, which was previously used to relieve knots in my back and relax the nervous system before a signature facial. So, when I came by to try this treatment that used the machine that zenned me out during each visit, I was game. 

Before anything begins, the therapist asked me about my skin type and problems before mixing a cocktail of LING’s serums and applying it on my face. She told me she’d start off by rubbing the machine on the right side of my face for 15 minutes before moving on to the other side. The warmth of the machine instantly calmed me and I closed my eyes as she explained some interesting facts about the technology behind the machine. The Energy Lift Machine is used to infuse far infrared ray energy into the skin. These rays of energy provide the body with healing energy through deep heat emission and was discovered by NASA in the 60s. The warming part of the sun is far infrared ray energy, which is the same energy we have internally in our bodies, also known as “chi.”

I continued to feel more and more relaxed, but started to doubt this machine’s ability to give a face lift, too. “How on earth is that going to happen?” I thought to myself. The 15 minutes were up and I checked out my face in the mirror — speechless. The left side looked 10 years older compared to the new right side. It was lifted, contoured and the glowiest I have ever seen it — I looked damn good. I wanted to hug Chan (and come back the week after for another face lift). The result of this miracle on 16th Street was due to the stimulation caused by the heat, which produces collagen, increases circulation and aids in detoxing the skin to clear up complexion, hence a beautifully contoured and rejuvenated face. While this isn’t a long-term solution to a face lift, the results can last for up to a week (I counted a solid eight days of a lifted face) and it’s a nice treat during the holiday madness or if you’re having a stressful week and just need a little pick-me-up. I know I’ll definitely be back before my New Year’s Eve party!

The 30-minute LING Facebar Treatment is $50 at LING Spa located at 12 East 16th Street. For more information, call (212) 989-8833.