Beauty Diary: Angelica Celaya from ‘Constantine’ Talks Curly Hair Products and Stopping the Contouring Craze


Angelica Celaya; IMAGE: MATT SAYLES

On screen, Angelica Celaya plays Zed Martin on NBC’s Constantine, a psychic that would rather confront demons and fight evil than worry about her manicure or doing her hair. She’s a total badass with psychic visions that get stronger with each episode — and to be honest, we’d take Zed over Taylor Swift to be our BFF all day, every day.

Off screen, the Arizona native is a laid-back gal who loves a red lip, her natural curls and thinks it’s time to pump the brakes with all the contouring. “We all love to see good contouring, but leave that and over-the-top makeup for the photoshoots! Keep it simple and dab on concealer where needed and keep skin hydrated. Play up your natural features!” Even over the phone, her beauty ethos was infectious and we were stoked to get to chat with her and find out how she keeps her natural curls bouncy in that I-woke-up-like-this way. Check out what she keeps in her beauty arsenal in the slideshow below and check out the season finale tonight on NBC at 10 p.m.