14 Third-Day Hair Tutorials We Found on Pinterest

We all look great on Monday morning after spending Sunday night washing, drying and styling our hair. But by Wednesday, our locks are falling a bit limp — and no amount of dry shampoo will help. We don’t always have time for a fresh blowout and sometimes we tire of top knots.

What’s a girl to do when her several-day stale ‘do goes limp or gets frazzled? Take a cue from the French and make that days-old hair wilder. Scrunch in some texturizing spray for some cool-girl beauty waves, or try experimenting with fun accessories. Pins, scarves and barrettes are a great way to add a bit of flair to your lackluster locks. Braids are another option, since slightly dirty hair has great texture, allowing it to hold the style like a champion.

Behold: 14 easy tutorials and hairstyles for dirty hair that not only make third- or fourth-day hair look great, but actually work better on slightly lived-in locks.

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