Gabrielle Union on Teaming Up with SensatioNail, Her Mascara Obsession and More

Gabrielle Union

Image: Courtesy of SensatioNail

Ever since Chastity and Bianca enlightened us by referencing classic 90s accessories to differentiate like and love in 10 Things I Hate About You (“I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack”), we have been charmed by Gabrielle Union. Oh, and let’s not forget her role as the no-nonsense East Compton Clovers squad captain, Isis, in the cult favorite Bring It On: “Our free cheer service is over as of this moment.” #Nostalgia.

The Omaha, Nebraska native was just as down-to-earth as we imagined when we spoke to her just before the holidays, which she spent sipping on Vanilla Puddin with her new hubby, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade. Recently named brand ambassador for SensatioNail, the actress was ready to spill her beauty secrets and come clean about her mascara obsession. Union reminisced about her engagement, which is how she first discovered the brand. “When [Dwyane] proposed, I was so excited and I didn’t even think about the state of my nails — which happened to be in between manicures. It was the holiday season, I was running around and just too busy,” she lamented.

“I wasn’t thinking when I posted [on Instagram] that anyone would pay attention to the condition of my cuticles or [notice] that my polish was chipped. But the second I posted that picture, the comments were either: ‘Great ring!’ or ‘What’s going on with your nails?'” explained the actress about her social media snafu. Luckily, her manicurist came to the rescue.

“She was happy for me, but couldn’t believe the state of my nails. So, she sent me the SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit with a note that said ‘No Excuses.‘ So, if I’m in between manicures or on the road and have no idea where to go, I can always run down to the drugstore and pick out a SensatioNail kit. I have a bunch now and can do it myself, so I literally have no excuses.”

Gabrielle had a great sense of humor about the situation and also dished on the miracle hair product she swears by, her Instagram beauty inspiration and more. Check out the rest of the interview in the slideshow below.