Winter Manicure Ideas for Nail Art Novices

The harshly cold months beg for a bit of cheer, and what better way than with a little nail art? Dark colors are made for winter — right now I’m obsessing over Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy in High Roller. The deep purple shade is the perfect alternative to straight-up black. While I will be painting my nails with this color, I thought I’d experiment with some quick nail art. The insanely easy designs below are for DIY-ers without a lot of experience who still want to have a bit of fun.

Chill Cheetah

This design does not get any easier — and slight mistakes only make it look better. To achieve this hybrid animal print/polka dot look, paint clean nails with a light purple nail polish. Once it’s dry, take High Roller and lightly paint fat dots on each nail. The key to making this look work — and avoiding overly cute dots — is to make sure there’s hardly any polish on the brush. That will ensure better control of the 


Side French

You can take a colorful twist on the classic French manicure with light and dark purple — or you can turn the typical on its head with a side swipe of color. Though you can use masking tape to ensure a perfect line, this design is seriously so easy you don’t even need it. A relatively steady hand will make a good line, but a nervous one could also give it a nice punch.

Start with one coat of your lighter shade. Once dry, add a coat of the darker shade and get creative by revealing an angled corner free.


Negative Space

This is a spin on the above cheetah mani. Once you play with negative space on your nails, you’ll be kind of addicted — it’s a way to go high interest without a lot of effort. To achieve this look, use two (or more!) shades of polish. Start with the lighter color and dab some hybrid line/dot shapes in different areas of each nail. Once that’s dry, do the same with the darker color. It looks cool to overlap the shades a bit. It’s a cool modern cross between fashiony camouflage and artsy watercolor.


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