You’ll Love Winter With These Gorgeously-Scented Candles

Before you know it freezing temperatures will have us longing for a fireplace along with a glass of wine to unwind with after a long day. For those of us who don’t have a chimney, we found the best winter candles. They can be lit as we cozy up on the couch to tough out the arctic chill.

So what exactly makes a candle winter-worthy? Well, there are the ones that smell like the holidays. Pretty literally, actually. They tend to feature season-appropriate spicy notes. (Think frankincense and myrrh.) There are also ones that bring to mind sweet treats courtesy of vanilla and cinnamon. Or shine a spotlight on festive fruit.

Then there are the options that center around the season. Diptyque Paris somehow managed to capture snowflakes in a candle. Seriously, it must be some form of sorcery. Tata Harper teamed up with Nette to bring the aroma of a pine forest indoors. Meanwhile, FORVR Mood celebrates cuffing season with a mix of lemon, violet, jasmine and Douglas fir.

From warm and woody to sweet vanilla and earthy pines, here are the inner-warmth-inducing best winter candles that are better than a fireplace. They’ll make getting through winter a cinch.