How to Remove Even the Most Stubborn Makeup

image: Imaxtree

image: Imaxtree

Few women will argue that waterproof mascara and 8-hour lipstick are a godsend. No longer do we have to worry about raccoon eyes before lunch or the dreaded pale lips rimmed in lip liner after breakfast. We love not having to reapply or obsessively check our makeup throughout the day, but it can be awfully stubborn when it comes time to wash it all away at night. A good makeup remover is a must, but that’s just the first step towards truly clean skin.

Our new favorite way to achieve a thorough makeup-free cleanse is with the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. In order for your skincare products to work their magic, you’ve got to start with a great cleanse, and there’s nothing better at removing the day’s build-up of oil, makeup and environmental debris than a cleansing brush.

How Does It Work? 

the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing BrushUnlike other brushes that spin in a circle, creating undue friction on your delicate skin, this one uses ultra gentle sonic vibrations. There’s no need to guess whether you’re applying too little or too much pressure. The sonic vibes do it all, you just move the brush along your skin. 

The brush has two types of bristles: the green bristles are meant to be used on your T-zone since they’re slightly stiffer and help loosen excess oil in that area, while the softer white bristles are meant to be used on your cheeks and forehead for the perfect level of thorough dirt removal.

How to Use It 

To begin, remove face and eye makeup. Dampen the brush head, apply cleanser (we like Clinique’s Foaming Sonic Facial Soap) and press the button to start gently massaging forehead, nose and chin. Instead of applying pressure, imagine you’re swiping a mouse across a mouse pad. When the brush shuts off, you’re done! Start by using the brush once per day at night and after a couple weeks, you can work up towards twice per day. Follow up with your preferred skincare products or 3-Step Skin Care System from Clinique.

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